Fixes & Additions

New Version update: 1.0.8

Been working on some improvements - keep the feedback coming, it's appreciated!

Version 1.0.8 updates include:

  • Maps now have shading making it clearer where you are located
  • Slaver Mines map is now acquired earlier
  • Map can no longer be opened during events
  • Updated Karzok hounds event to close and lock the door, forcing combat
  • Fixed a minor ceiling collision on Lower Flooded Caverns

Version 1.0.7 updates include:

  • Trimmed a lot of fat from the game, size has been reduced
  • Fixed orc defiler spell animations
  • Fixed bug with quests - notifying of a new quest when in fact it's just an update
  • Fixed Fury Strike effect glitch for Sharpened Maul
  • Apprentice is now the default difficulty

Give Delving Deep a try and let me know what you think!

Kami Chios 26 January, 2023
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Fixes & Additions
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