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After countless sleepless nights, hundreds upon hundreds hours of coding, endless testing and fixes, we're excited to announce that Delving Deep, Chapter 1 has officially launched on Apple's App Store! 

I hope you'll join me on this historic occasion and give Delving Deep a try!

A ton of hard work went into developing this Action RPG, especially, in preparing it for it's world-wide debut. It was very important to develop to the highest standards possible and create the best possible version of Delving Deep for its first official release. 

But even though it's out on the App Store now, doesn't mean the work stops there! 

It's pretty challenging for a small team of one () developer to create a fully-featured game that will be completely free of issues, though I've tried my best! So if you encounter any issues (bugs, crashes) or have feedback about the game (features, suggestions) be sure to let me know! 

We are constantly looking to improve the Delving Deep experience so please don't hesitate to send your feedback​And be sure to sign-up for email updates so that you're the first to receive DD version updates and other news!


Kami Chios 12 November, 2022
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Fixes & Additions
New Version update: 1.0.8