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Full-Release Date: November 11, 2022

Platforms: iOS App Store

Upcoming Releases: Android, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck 

Release Price: $1.99 USD

Rating: 9+ years

Genre(s): Solo-Indie Action RPG

Languages: English

Upcoming Releases:  French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese Brazil, Russian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish.

Creator & Indie Developer: Kami Chios

Publisher: Eiger Entertainment Inc.

Embark on a Heroic Quest!

​As either Rekkr or Thora, you embark on a heroic mission to track down your missing kin and Thrazoc’s legendary group of adventurers from the labyrinthine Mt Gorghul.

This epic quest takes place deep within the belly of Mt Gorghul and though its underworld is foreboding at times, these dwarven heroes are not intimidated by the many challenges and battles they ultimately encounter.

Navigating your way through vast and diverse terrains, you'll uncover clues about your missing kin and Thrazoc's company all throughout the game. Unleash your dwarven attack skills as you battle hundreds of monsters, seek hidden caches & loot to collect, and discover numerous quests to complete. Face the final boss in a battle that puts your hero to the ultimate test and leaves you questioning, what comes next?!

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Like no other mobile game in the fantasy Action RPG genre, Delving Deep's unique 2.5D interface was meticulously developed to optimize the player's mobile gaming experience - it combines traditional 2D side-scrolling with 3D assets that give the game a realistic look and feel. The comprehensive and proprietary combat system captures visually impressive, responsive and dynamic battle experiences that are well balanced and sure to set the game apart from other mobile  RPGs. Delving Deep was heavily inspired by the developer's own passion for RPGs and pays homage to old-school classic Dungeon & Dragons elements throughout.

At the onset of the game, players will have the option to play either Rekkr or Thora Frœknhammer, the game's father-daughter dwarven heroes. From there, players navigate through 6 expansive and challenging maps guaranteed to put their sleuth, strategic abilities and battle skills to the test. Players will experience approximately 6 hours* of fully-featured action & adventure role-playing complete with: character levelling, gear acquisition, skill progression, real-time combat, special skills & attacks, hundreds of monster battles, numerous quests, caches & gems to discover, and much more! Battles are well executed and  will depend on the player’s strategic abilities, tactical skills and timing especially as the hero advances through the maps. And after defeating the final boss in an epic battle, players will realize Delving Deep’s quest doesn't end there! 

(*5-6+ hours when  all 6 levels are fully-completed and played at the Journeyman difficulty setting.)  

Stay tuned for the next release. Chapter 2 is in the works!

Delving Deep is the first 2.5D Action RPG to be released by Eiger Entertainment Inc.  It was conceptualized and developed solely by Indie developer Kami Chios who also designed its proprietary game engine using the MonoGame framework. 


  • Unique 2.5D Action RPG mobile gaming experience!
  • 2D side-scroller with a realistic 3D look & feel
  • Real-time fully-featured single-player RPG
  • Ultimate old-school classic D&D elements
  • Choose your hero: Rekkr Frœknhammer, or, Thora Frœknhammer
  • Choose from 3 difficulty settings: Apprentice, Journeyman or Master
  • Adjust the difficulty to suit your level of skill mastery and strategic approach to gameplay
  • 5-6+ hours of gameplay when played at the Journeyman setting
  • Premium game - no IAP or ads ever

  • Navigate 6 differing, expansive and challenging maps
  • Meet Qasm who helps you traverse the myriad of underground mazes and sends you on some challenging scavenger hunts
  • Discover 6 hidden caches and gems which will help you in your quest
  • Hundreds of battles will challenge your skills and resolve
  • 43 unique monsters to battle and defeat
  • 24 quests to complete
  • Dozens of unique weapons, armour and gear to acquire
  • Level up to improve your character
  • Acquire new special skills to use against your enemies
  • Increase your stats to better suit your play style